The A-Calc Engram Calculator and Planner for Ark: Survival Evolved | Ascended

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A-Calc ( offers a range of features and tools for Ark: Survival Evolved | Ascended players. Here are some of the key features provided by A-Calc:

  1. Taming Calculator: A-Calc's taming calculator helps players determine the resources, time, and effectiveness required to tame specific creatures in the game. It provides information on preferred food, taming effectiveness, torpor depletion, and other useful details.

  2. Breeding Calculator: The breeding calculator assists players in predicting the stats and attributes of offspring when breeding creatures. It considers the parents' stats, breeding effectiveness, mutation chance, and imprinting to provide estimations of the potential attributes of the offspring.

  3. Resource Calculator: A-Calc's resource calculator allows players to calculate the amount of resources required for crafting specific items, structures, or consumables in Ark: Survival Evolved | Ascended. It helps in planning and managing resource gathering by providing a breakdown of the necessary materials.

  4. Engram Calculator: The engram calculator helps players determine the number of engram points required to unlock specific engrams. It provides a comprehensive list of available engrams, allowing players to make informed decisions about their character's progression.

  5. Stat Calculator: A-Calc's stat calculator assists players in calculating and comparing the stats of different creatures in the game. It helps players identify the strengths and weaknesses of creatures and facilitates breeding decisions by predicting potential outcomes.

  6. Breeding Timer: A-Calc includes a breeding timer feature that helps players track the breeding and hatching times of their creatures. It allows players to set reminders and manage their breeding activities effectively.

  7. Game Maps: A-Calc provides interactive maps for Ark: Survival Evolved | Ascended, including maps for each expansion and the base game. These maps feature resource locations, creature spawns, and other points of interest.

  8. Creature Stats: A-Calc offers a comprehensive database of creature stats, including base stats and level-up increments for each species. This information helps players understand the potential capabilities of different creatures.